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Buying Car Insurance: You Better Shop Around

With numerous car insurance providers offering online quotes and sign-ups (DirectAsia, Aviva, MSIG, Axa, etc..), switching policies is common nowadays. What are the important factors you need to take note so that you make the right choice when you buy online.
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When to Make a Change
Most insurers need you to pay a penalty for cancelling a policy mid-term. You should only do so when the savings from the new policy are significant and the coverage is comparable or better. If you decide to switch, do give yourself enough time to search for the car insurance premium online for the new policy to take effect, then cancel the existing policy before its automatic renewal. Why do SUV Owners Pay More for Car Insurance

Removal Of Benefits To Cut Premium
Direct Insurers company allow you to remove certain benefits to reduce premium. Do not remove certain important benefits just to cut cost and it will be detrimental to you if it go against you. Do not be penny wise, pound foolish. (See: "Direct vs Traditional Car Insurance Companies")

Bundle for Savings
Do you have more than one vehicle? Are you cover with Home Insurance? Need Travel Insurance? Most insurers will offer savings to customers who buy more than one policy from them.

Before You Decide To Take Up
Understand what you buy and the policy details when you decide to sign up with the new insurer. You do not want to learn after a claims occur and you are not cover. It will be too late and the consequences can be serious if you are not adequately cover.

Excess Waiver, Loss Of Use, Free Personal Accident
Is having more or less benefit better? It will only prove to be worth the while when you know what you can claim when accident happen.

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