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Car Accident Claims Support  
Car accident often results in confusion and you will be in shock what to do next. Therefore, you need the right advise to help you.

After car accident, you need to report at insurer’s Authorized Workshop to narrate what happen to determine who is at fault. Proper advise should be given so that you will not be taken advantage due to your inexperience.

Some of the accidents can be settle privately and not affect your No Claim Discount, however, if you have already recorded a claim it will be difficult to remove it and this will affect your renewal premium.

    What Can We Do for you

01 Arrangement to be made to collect your car involved in the accident.
04 Accident car to be repair and return soonest possible.
02 Replacement vehicle to be provided.
(case to case basis)
05 Professional advise to be given, if there is personal injury claims .
03 Advise on how to make the accident report so that Third Party will not take advantage.
06 Minimize your loss by recovering any uninsured losses.

Call our Claims Adviser immediately at Mobile 8498 1618 or Our Hotline 6334 6210
(Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm)
Must take down Third party vehicle number and personal particular with contact number and take note how many people in the car.
Take picture of the damages of both vehicles and seek witness at the accident scene and ask from their name and contact number
You should not sign any document or go to any workshop from 3rd party till proper advise is given

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