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Motor Insurance Claim Procedure
Steps to do when car accident happen.
Personal Particulars of Third Party
(if it is a chain collision, please collect all parties info)
1. Name & NRIC of the driver involved
2. Contact No
3. Vehicle No
4. Insurance Company
Photos to be taken on the accident scene.
(All parties cars involved in the accident)
Witness information if there is any (Names and Contact Numbers)
*Important: Do not admit that it is your fault when accident happen. Call your servicing agent or insurance company for advise

Report & Repair
Sent your car to insurance company’s authorized workshop to report & repair the damage vehicle.
You need to report within 1 working day as per GIA’s ruling to avoid penalty of 10% deduction in your NCD.
(whether it is your fault or Third Party fault)
You can choose to go to your own workshop if you have taken Any Workshop plan or it is not your fault in the accident.
(call your agent to give you the advise before you decide)
If you want to claim under Third Party policy, you do not need to pay for excess, however, if you make own damage claim, you need to fork out to pay for it unless you enjoy $0 excess.
Replacement of Car – do check if your insurance policy provide you with the replacement of vehicle when you car is under repair. In some cases, if the accident is not your fault, workshop will provide vehicle for your use and will claim against Third Party who is at fault.
You only need to make a Police Report when below happen
  1. Injury for any parties which includes the passengers.
  2. Non-injury involving a govt vehicle & damage to govt property
  3. Non-injury involving a foreign vehicle
  4. Non-injury involving a pedestrian or cyclist
  5. Any accident outside of Singapore

The workshop will advise you when the car is ready for collection.
Do ensure you do all the proper check of your vehicle before you sign off to get your car.
Insurance Companies do provide warranty after the accident repair and check with your insurance agent to confirm the details.


Travel Insurance Claims Procedure and Documentation
What to do in the event of a claim?
Please furnish us with the following documents within 30 days of completion of the journey:

  Common documents for all Travel Claims
  passport • Claim Form
• Copy of itinerary
• Copies of passport or Visa as applicable
• Boarding pass
• Copy of the Certificate of insurance

  Personal Accident Medical, Dental and Other Expenses
  Medical Report
Medical Report / Certificate
Original Medical invoices / receipts
Death Certificate, if applicable
Motor Accident report / police report for road traffic accidents only

  Trip Cancellation / Curtailment
  trip cancellation
Medical Report / Death Certificate
Wrtten advice from attending Medical Practitioner to cancel / curtail trip
Original booking invoice
Travel agents confirmation of the amount of refund
Original invoice/receipt for charges incurred in amending or purchasing additional air ticket (for trip curtailment)

  Baggage & Personal Effects
Copy of police Report lodged at place of loss within 24 hours
Copy of Property Irregularity Report for losses in carriers’ custody
Documentation of carrier’s settlement/rejection of claim for loss of property
Receipts/warranty/photographs of damaged items
Receipts/warranty cards of items lost/proof of purchase

  Money & Documents
Copy of police Report lodged at place of loss within 24 hours
Receipts for replacement of passport
Transportation/hotel bills incurred for replacement of document

  Baggage Delay
  Baggage Delay
Property Irregularity Report
Air Ticket and acknowledgement receipt of baggage received

  Travel Delay / Flight Misconnection
  Travel Delay
Written confirmation from airlines on duration and reason(s) for delay
Copy of itinerary supplied (if any)
Air Ticket and Boarding Pass
Original receipts in respect of hotel accommodation and restaurant meals or refreshments (if any)

  Personal Liability
  Personal Liability
Do not admit any liability or make any offer, promise or payment without our prior consent
Forward all correspondence/documents from third parties to us for our handling


Personal Accident Claims Procedure and Documentation
What to do in the event of a claim?
Please submit the completed Personal Accident Claim Form together with the supporting documents for processing.

Duly Completed Personal Accident Claim Form
A copy of the Death Certificate
Autopsy Report, Coroner’s Report, etc.
Letter of Administration

  Permanent Disablement and Medical Expenses
  Permanent Disablement
Duly Completed Personal Accident Claim Form
Medical Report from attending doctor
Original Medical Bills


Home Insurance Claims Procedure and Documentation
  Upon learning of any circumstances likely to give rise to a claim,
you must:
Take all necessary measures and steps to mitigate any loss and/or damage.
Not dispose off the damaged items until our approval.
Immediately make a police report and co-operate with us in securing the conviction of the offender if loss/damage is caused by housebreaking, theft, malicious damage, vandalism or other criminal acts.
In the event of a potential claim from a third party against yourself or any member of your family:
  - immediately send to us any letter of demand, writ of summons, legal documents or other communication served on you;
  - do not admit liability or make any promise regarding settlement without our written consent.

  Please submit the following documents (where applicable) together with your duly completed claim form:
Colour Photos of the damaged property
Original Purchase Receipts/Invoices
Assessment Report from repairer on the cause and extent of the property damage
Quotations for Repair/Replacement of the lost/damaged property
Original Repair/Replacement Invoices/Receipts
Police Report



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